Funeraria Borinquen associated with Osceola Memory Gardens Cemetery which is a true perpetual care cemetery situated on 36 acres. The cemetery serves as a peaceful and sacred site of beauty where family and friends can gather in prayer and remembrance. It is a park-like environment for your loved one’s final resting place that will last for generations to come. We are committed to commemorate lives lived in surroundings that provide comfort and inspiration to the bereaved and the public as a whole, and to offer comprehensive cemetery services to all faiths at a reasonable charge.

Whether you have an immediate need or are planning for the future, we can help you make an informed decision about the many cemetery services available to you. Our professional staff is ready to assist you in selecting your cemetery property, along with accessories and services, which will best meet your needs and desires. We offer ground burial, mausoleum entombment, private family mausoleums or cremation gardens.

Traditional Ground Burial

Traditional ground burial provides a wide variety of choices, and allows for personal preference by offering individual locations within featured gardens and special areas. With traditional ground burial, costs are flexible and there are plans to meet most any budget. In addition, many personalization and memorialization selections are available, allowing families to personalize loved ones' gravesites through a wide range of memorial options.

Private Family Estate

Family estate sections allow family members to be together in a shared area, often bordered by special landscaping or architectural elements. Family estates are a wonderful way to preserve family heritage and maintain a historical resting place for future generations.

Upright Memorials

Upright memorials have long been considered a prestigious and personal form of memorialization and are a popular choice for many individuals. These memorials come in many different materials and sizes and can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

Mausoleum Entombment

Mausoleum entombment is above ground entombment that provides clean and dry alternatives. Exclusive options are available in a prestigious environment, such as community or private (family) mausoleums and cremation niches. Multiple price ranges allow families the choice of many affordable options. Mausoleum entombment also eliminates many burial expenses and decisions and does not require an outer burial container.

Private Mausoleums

Private mausoleums are lasting structures used for the entombment of family or group members. They can accommodate a variety of individual preferences, including traditional burial and cremation. Private mausoleums are beautifully designed to reflect a family's unique heritage and create a permanent tribute to lives well-lived.

Community Mausoleums

Community mausoleums offer the dignity, permanence and beauty of above ground burial. In many instances, mausoleums are less expensive than ground burial. These aboveground structures offer entombment for many and house crypts, and often cremation niches.

Courtyard Mausoleums

Garden mausoleums are open-air structures that provide a lasting and beautiful remembrance option. Special landscaping features and the outdoor environment make this a desirable choice for many people.


The Ossuary serves as the final resting place for the cremated remains of many people co-mingled in one vault.

Columbarium’s – Community or Private

Columbariums are specially designed structures comprised of cremation niches (small compartments) that hold urns containing cremated remains. A columbarium may be an entire building, part of another structure or situated in an outdoor setting.

Cremation Benches

Cremation benches are the perfect tribute in a peaceful outdoor setting. There are many designs that represent a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Back To Nature Boulder

Unique, natural granite boulders specially designed to house one to twenty-four cremated remains.

Fountain Niches

Cremation niches surrounding a beautiful bronze and granite fountain.

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